FeaturedBBC News Radio Documentary: "Exploring Saudi Arabia"
A feature-length (40 min.) radio documentary exploring the culture, politics and religion of Saudi Arabia. From women’s rights to Henry Moore sculptures on the Jeddah seaside promenade to powerful clerics and former radical militants turned liberal activist, this is a great introduction to a fascinating country. 

BBC News: "Saudi Arabia's New Muscular Foreign Policy"
April 21, 2015
Almost every conversation with Saudis about the Yemen military operation leads to a wider discussion about the region, the kingdom's new role as the leader of a military coalition and in many cases, people's desire to see this translate into action elsewhere.

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BBC Radio: "Yin and Yang of Saudi Arabia" 
June 2006
When reporting on Saudi Arabia, women's rights are often a key focus. In this report, I explore the social pressure that men also face to conform, and wear the white flowing robe, known as a thobe.  

BBC News: "Mecca Transformed by Modernization"
June 2006
Though I couldn’t travel to Mecca myself, with my colleague Aleem Maqbool, I reported on the transformation of Mecca and the slow obliteration of history for the sake of accommodating more pilgrims.



The Atlantic: "Saudi Arabia’s Dark Nationalism"
June 2, 2018
The move to brand women’s rights activists as traitors suggests that the kingdom may be embracing an ominous form of patriotism.

Foreign Policy"Palestine Is a Victim of the Iranian-Saudi War"
December 22, 2017
The pull of Jerusalem still endures. ... But today, when it comes to the holy city, Iran and Saudi Arabia are both hobbled by their geopolitical rivalry. And the Palestinians once again find themselves alone.

Foreign Policy: "The Saudi-Iran War Comes To Washington"
June 12, 2017
[W]hile Saudis and Iranians are busy vying for America’s recognition and approval, the ferocity of their rivalry outside their borders has also meant a crescendo of war, violence, and sectarian divisions across the region.

Foreign Policy: "The Saudi Cold War Heats Up"
July 15, 2015
While the Obama administration may hope the nuclear deal paves the way for a more peaceful Middle East, it just may convince Riyadh to turn its conflict with Tehran up a notch.

BBC: "On Patrol with Saudi Arabia's Yemen Border Guards"
April 12, 2015
As the conflict in Yemen rages, guards protecting Saudi Arabia's border are on high alert for attacks by Houthi rebels. The Saudis are supporting the Yemeni government in its conflict with the rebels, and have launched air strikes. I report from the border, which has been largely inaccessible to the international media.

Financial Times"Saudi Ministries Picture The Future"
November 23, 2004
For those heading to Saudi Arabia, the restrictions on what items could be taken into the kingdom include the latest in mobile technology: camera-equipped phones. The government banned the import and sale of phones with cameras, after reports that people were being photographed surreptitiously, particularly women.

BBC Radio: "A Stranger in Saudi"  
February 12, 2004
In this "From Our Own Correspondent," I learn to function wearing a black abaya and veil in the kingdom while exploring the contradictions in Saudi society.