BBC Radio: "Sunni-Shia Tensions in Pakistan"
February 2015
Pakistan’s large Shia minority has come under attack. This BBC radio report explores tensions between Sunnis and Shias and looks back at the history behind sectarianism in Pakistan. The report starts at the home of a mixed couple in Karachi. 

BBC World Service: "Stories of Forced Conversion To Islam in Pakistan"
September 1, 2014
The plight of minorities in Pakistan and the investigation into the case of Hindu and Christian girls forcibly converted to Islam.

BBC World News: "Pakistan's Sufis Under Attack from Islamic Hard-liners"
April 4, 2014
For centuries Pakistan was the land of Sufism, a tolerant, mystical practice of Islam, with hypnotic rituals. It still has millions of followers, but with the spread of hard-line Islam, Sufism has been in retreat.