Photo courtesy of David Botti.

Photo courtesy of David Botti.

As BBC correspondent, I travelled over 300,000 miles with then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, interviewing Clinton more than 15 times. 

Learn more about my travels with Hillary Clinton in The Secretary: A Journey with Hillary Clinton from Beirut to the Heart of American Power


2012: Rabat, Morocco | Jerusalem

2011: Rangoon, Burma | Kabul, Afghanistan | Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Cairo, Egypt | Geneva, Switzerland | Muscat, Oman

2010: Islamabad, Pakistan | Manama, Bahrain | Moscow, Russia | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

2009: Kabul, Afghanistan | Islamabad, PakistanKazan, Russia | Phuket, Thailand

articles and columns

"Brexit Lessons For Hillary Clinton In The 2016 Election Race"
BBC News, June 28, 2016
Could voters in the US also spurn the safe choice and go for the insurgent promising in vague terms to make America great again?

"Can Hillary Clinton Win Over Republican Moderates?"
BBC News, June 3, 2016
To win those moderate Republicans, Hillary Clinton will now need to present herself not just as the candidate of her party's middle but of America's centre.

"Hillary Clinton Has No Regrets About Libya"
Foreign Policy, April 14, 2016
If Hillary Clinton knew that chaos would ensue, that the Islamic State would take hold in Libya, would she still have advocated for intervention?

"US Election 2016: On The Campaign Bus With Hillary Clinton"
BBC News, February 27, 2016
When reporting on Hillary Clinton, there's no substitute for travelling alongside the candidate.

"US Election: No Jubilation in Hillary Camp"
BBC News, February 3, 2016
If the Iowa caucus was a win, it wasn't the victory that Mrs Clinton would have wanted in a state where until late last year she was still leading by a wide margin. 

"The World According to Hillary's Emails"
Foreign Policy, January 6, 2016

Clinton's emails reveal her scheduling mishaps, her love of New York apples -- and how she has changed as a politician.

"How Hillary Clinton Envisions Her Path To Victory"
BBC News, July 23, 2015
If Clinton's 2008 bid for president seemed focused on her, giving off a sense of entitlement and inevitability, this campaign is focused on the issues.

"Hillary Clinton's Distinctive Foreign Policy Vision"
New York Daily News, April 27, 2015
Writing in the New York Daily News, I argue that Clinton's vision on foreign policy differs from President Obama's in the overall posture rather than the details of policy. 

"So How Did Hillary Do?"
Politico Magazine, March 10, 2015
I was one of five who provided Politico Magazine a review of Hillary Clinton's interactions with the press after she gave a press conference regarding using private email accounts during her term as secretary of state. 

"U.S. Mid-Terms: Hillary Clinton's Dry Run for 2016?"
BBC News, November 7, 2014
This analysis piece explores how Hillary Clinton's endorsements impacted the 2014 U.S. midterm election. While over half the candidates Clinton endorsed lost, I found that the presidential hopeful's team was poring over different layers of data to determine the road to 2016

"What Drives Clinton? Not What You Think"
The Daily Beast, June 9, 2014
This piece for The Daily Beast argues that if Clinton had any doubts left about running, the current state of international affairs and the perception of US retrenchment will tip the balance in favor of a run for a woman who believes deeply in American global leadership. 

"HIllary Clinton: A Long Journey"
BBC News Magazine, February 1, 2013
Over the decades, Hillary Clinton has gone from student activist to globetrotting stateswoman. On her last day as U.S. secretary of state, I explore whether Clinton's journey has ended or if there is more to come.



Video: Hillary Clinton and the US Election
Buitenhof, NOS, May 22, 2016
I share the latest on Hillary Clinton's campaign with the Dutch political show, Buitenhof

Video: "Hillary Clinton's Legacy as America's Diplomat in Chief"
BBC News, February 15, 2013
I present a half-hour BBC TV documentary exploring Hillary Clinton's legacy as America's diplomat in chief.

Audio: "On the Road With Hillary Clinton"
BBC News, July 2011
BBC half-hour radio documentary by me about life on the road with Hillary Clinton.