December 2016

December 24: "Trump's Syria Conundrum", BBC News

November 2016

November 7: "'We Will Bring The Country Together' Says Clinton", BBC News


October 28: "Michelle Obama Campaigns With Her 'Girl' Hillary Clinton", BBC News

October 26: "Obama Calls Trump's Election Rhetoric 'Dangerous'", BBC News

September 2016

September 12: "Wherefore Art Thou Baghdadi?", Foreign Policy

August 2016

August 12: "The Democratic Party’s Silence on Syria", Foreign Policy

July 2016

July 31: "Press Rising To The Post-Convention Occasion?", Reliable Sources (CNN)

July 6: "Obama and Clinton: A Special And Pragmatic Relationship", BBC News

June 2016

June 29: "Brexit Lessons For Hillary Clinton In The 2016 Election Race", BBC News

June 25: "Shockwaves As Britain Votes To Leave EU"AM Joy (MSNBC)

June 23: "Brexit Vote: What’s At Stake For Americans?"Hardball with Chris Matthews (MSNBC)

June 3: "US Election 2016: Can Clinton Win Over Republican Moderates?", BBC News

May 2016

May 22: Hillary Clinton and the US Election, Buitenhof (VPRO Netherlands)

May 8: "Trump v Clinton on Foreign Policy", BBC News

May 3: "Art Is A Window To The Arab World’s Soul", Foreign Policy

April 2016

April 14: "Hillary Clinton Has No Regrets About Libya", Foreign Policy

February 2016

February 27: "US Election 2016: On The Campaign Bus With Hillary Clinton", BBC News

February 3: "US Election: No Jubilation in Hillary Camp", BBC News

January 2016

January 28: "One Person’s World Order Can Be Another’s Disorder", Washington Post

January 28: "Battle for Iowa: Trump And Sanders Play Outsider Card", BBC News

January 13: "The Saudi-Iran War Is America's Fault", Foreign Policy

January 6: "The World According to Hillary's Emails", Foreign Policy