December 21: "Obama's Struggle To Realise Anti-War Rhetoric", BBC News


November 27: "The Democrats' Problem with 'Radical Islam'"Foreign Policy

November 13: "The Blood Feud That Drives The Middle East"Foreign Policy

November 4: "Having Grown Up In A War Zone Herself, This Reporter Sees The Syrian Civil War Differently", PRI's The World


October 19: "The Sad Fading Away Of The Refugee Crisis Story"Foreign Policy

October 6: "The Two Faces of Modern Iran"Foreign Policy

October 5: "Iran's Identity Crisis"Foreign Policy


Interview with Masoumeh Ebtehkar, Vice President of Iran, BBC News 

"Iran: A Country of Paradoxes", BBC News

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August 21: "Conservatism and Modernity Side by Side in Iran", BBC News

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August 18: "Iran Nuclear Deal a Step for 'Global Peace'", BBC News

August 18: "Eating Saffron Ice-Cream in Tehran", BBC News

August 4: "Talking Loud and Saying Nothing: Four Big Problems with the Obama Administration’s Plan for Countering Violent Extremism"Foreign Policy

JULY 2015

"Lifting the Veil: In her recipe for how Arab women can attain sexual freedom, Mona Eltahawy sidelines a key ingredient: men"Democracy Journal

July 23: "How Hillary Clinton Envisions Her Path To Victory", BBC News

July 15: "The Saudi Cold War With Iran Heats Up"Foreign Policy

July 2: "Departing Washington. Next Stop: Reality."Foreign Policy

APRIL 2015

April 27: "Hillary Clinton's Distinctive Foreign Policy Vision", New York Daily News

April 21: "Saudi Arabia's New Muscular Foreign Policy", BBC News

April 12: "On Patrol with Saudi Arabia's Yemen Border Guards", BBC News

MARCH 2015

March 21: "The Personal Side of U.S.-Israeli Relations", appearance on Up With Steve Kornacki (MSNBC):

March 17: "Syria Civil War: Is It Too Late for a Peace Deal?", BBC News

March 10: "So How Did Hillary Do?"Politico Magazine

March 6: "Friday News Roundup"The Diane Rehm Show


February 27: BBC radio feature on Sunni-Shia Tensions in Pakistan

February 10: Appearance on Morning Joe (MSNBC) regarding Jordan's "precarious position" in regards to ISIS


January 27: "Syrian Torture: Will Photos Turn U.S. Opinion?", BBC News Magazine

January 9: Appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews (MSNBC) on the Charlie Hebdo attack aftermath