WATCH: Reliable Sources (CNN)
May 28, 2017
How did the international press cover US President Trump's first trip abroad? 

"It is no surprise that 83 per cent of respondents have an unfavorable view of the man (Trump) who is not only narrowing their horizons but also cozying up to those same leaders who are failing to provide jobs and opportunities for their young populations."

Kim Ghattas' commentary, featured in the ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller Arab Youth Survey 2017
May 2017

kim ghattas in Foreign Policy magazine

"Ten years ago, when I reported from the Middle East, I could drive from Beirut to Syria and into Iraq or Jordan, all the way to Kuwait. Those memories feel like a past life."

--"Lebanon’s Shining Island of Example Is Shrinking"
Foreign Policy, September 12, 2017

"The singular focus on acts of terrorism by jihadis not only feeds Islamophobia but allows people to ignore the threat of domestic terrorism by white supremacists. But hate is hate, wherever it arises." 

--"The Real Threat to America Comes From Americans"
Foreign Policy, August 21, 2017

september 2017

September 12: "Lebanon’s Shining Island Of Example Is Shrinking", Foreign Policy

August 2017

August 21: "The Real Threat to America Comes From Americans", Foreign Policy

JULy 2017

July 14: "Making Peace with Assad's Barbarism", Foreign Policy

JUNE 2017

June 12: "The Saudi-Iran War Comes to Washington", Foreign Policy

May 2017

May 28: Appearance on Reliable Sources (CNN) regarding international press coverage of US President Donald Trump's first trip abroad 

May 15: Appearance on WUFC's (PBS) Global Perspectives on growing up in Lebanon

May 5: "The Arab Prince Standing Up to Trump", Foreign Policy

April 2017

April 26: Panelist at the Center for American Progress event "Trump's First 100 Days in the Middle East"

April 21: "The Arab World's American Savior Complex", Foreign Policy

March 2017

March 14: "If Trump Wants to End Legal Abortion, He’s Going to Have to Go Through Holland First", Foreign Policy

March 1: "Fake News: How To Cut Through The Crap In A Post-Truth World", Marie Claire UK

February 2017

February 4: "US Sanctions After Iran Test", BBC News


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